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Welcome to The Honey Company webpage!

We at The Honey Company sell great honey. It is all-natural,

raw, and unfiltered. This means we don't heat our honey,

add water, homogenize flavors, or used pressurized filters to

process the honey. It is the closest thing to harvesting the honey straight from the beehive. Buying this product is buying it directly from the farmer/producer (Stan). He keeps the bees and extracts the honey himself. (With a little help from his wife.)

You will notice a difference in the flavor, texture, and freshness of our honey.  This is because our honey is raw, or has not been heated in the bottling process.  This preserves beneficial bee enzymes in the honey.  During the extracting process, we scratch the outer beeswax cappings from the honeycomb cells, spin the frames, let the honey flow through one screen to remove wax cappings, and into containers.  That’s it!

We strive to keep our bees away from pesticide use. We work constantly to have sustainability by improving bee genetics to combat colony collapse disorder instead of using pesticides and drugs in our beehives. We also leave bees enough honey to survive the winter instead of feeding them sugar syrup, except in cases of extreme drought. 

Summary: People can feel really good about buying our honey.

Alicia Moulton

Stan, and Clara say hi too!  

The Honey Company



Notes about Our Honey

  1. Honey varies in flavor depending on the flower nectar source.  Bees consume nectar from flower sources near their apiary.  The nectar reacts with enzymes in bees’ bodies.  They bring nectar back to the hive and put it in honeycomb cells to dry.  Different nectar sources change the honey flavor, density, sugar composition, tendency to crystallize, and antioxidants. 

  2. Raw honey forms smooth crystals that will break down in warm water or sunshine. 

  3. We haven’t pursued organic certification for our honey.  Bees are mobile and we cannot control where bees go to forage.  In Utah, bees will fly up to 9 miles to forage, 2 miles to find water, and 4 miles to mate. Knowing that there are no pesticides within a 9 mile radius is very difficult.  However, it IS possible to avoid known pesticide-use areas like orchards, non-organic crops, etc. And that is what we do.


A Warm Welcome

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